NHMC Friends’ Association

The Natural History Museum of Crete is a landmark institution for Crete, and a major asset adding to the island’s cultural and scientific wealth. Following a decision by the University of Crete Senate, the financial and administrative management of the NHMC Exhibition has been placed in the hands of the NHMC Friends’ Association. The Association’s aim is to strive towards achieving the Museum's objectives, namely: protecting and managing our natural wealth; fostering environmental awareness; and strengthening and improving the museum’s infrastructure in every possible way.


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Become a member of the Natural History Museum of Crete Friends’ Association and help us develop and enhance our activities!


Agathopontikes Club

The Agathopontikes Club is named after the Cretan word for Acomys minous or Cretan spiny mouse. It caters for the Young Friends of the Natural History Museum.


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